Prafulabala Seva Foundation

Prafulabala Seva Foundation was started by Prafulaben Rao with an objective to improve the people’s lives. Since its inception, the organization has been working for ending poverty in India. We do this through well-planned comprehensive programmes in livelihood, health, education and response.

We distribute food packages to slum areas during special occasions and festivals. In order to encourage the poor children for education, we distribute notebooks and stationary items to municipality schools. Poor children who cannot afford books can study and get educated. We are also known for distributing religious books to old people. Last year, around 15000 copies of religious books had been distributed among old people.

Our organization conducts initiatives for medical and healthcare also. We visit several Government hospitals and help poor people get the best possible medical treatments. Our staff members and volunteers visit hospitals every month and perform different activities to help the patients and their family members.

We also focus on women empowerment of women and girls because we understand that they are disproportionately affected by poverty and discrimination. We protect women from abuse and violations in realization to their rights. Our organization works on many girls’ education program to improve the lives and provide opportunities for young girls and women. We make them participate in formal and alternative education programs.

Prafulabala Seva Foundation works towards immediate relief and offers assistance in the rehabilitation process of the affected communities at the time of calamities. We help people recover from the disasters. As we work closely with several different communities, who have been affected by disasters, we help them get sustainable livelihood opportunities for better life. Contact us now to know more about our services.